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For many of us the entry way not only is the first impression of our homes, but can often set the mood when we get home since it is the first thing we see.  Let me be honest, our entry way is one of my biggest frustrations because it just seems like it is the hardest to keep clean, the area where  clutter just attracts and multiplies like flies. The only other area that seems to do this is the kitchen counter for me but that  is a post for another day.  The first thing I did was really look at the area and make  a list of what worked and what didn’t work and what I liked and didn’t like about it.

entryway before 1

Looking at this pic still gives me anxiety. It seems kind of like “a good intention but fail” area.  About the only thing I did like was the functionality potential of the entryway bench.  What I don’t like is the basket on the lower left of the pic is supposed to hold the dog toys, leashes, collars etc.  Instead the kids always tended to double it as the junk/shoe basket therefore getting dog fur all over their shoes, coats, whatever was in it. It just was always piled with everything and looks cluttered.  I don’t like the fact that there is no place really to put the hats, gloves, etc. As you can see the shoes are kind of everywhere.

entryway before

This was inside the cabinet of the bench.  It was a hubub of socks, umbrella, a pair of pants…not sure how those got there etc.  Again it seems like it is a “good idea but fail” solution.   I see so many awesome ideas on pinterest for entryways etc. however with ours it has to be streamlined as much as possible because of the layout of the house. You walk in the entryway and it opens right into the living room and people constantly see it when sitting in the living room so if it were a big  fancy entry way with extra hooks, and schedule boards etc. it would be too cluttered looking.  I was having a hard time “thinking outside the box” which is what I usually excel at, so  I did what we all do when we are stuck. I went to Pinterest.   Yes I did, the dangerous world of Pinterest. Actually it is wonderful if you are looking for something specific. I found an idea I loved and was in my budget.

entryway after

I started with the dog supply basket. The other one was too big and clunky looking so I repurposed this basket that used to hold something else in a different are of our home. Shopping your house first is a very economical and fun way to organize.  I then moved the dog supply basket to in the bench cabinet so it is less likely to become a shoe and “everything else in the world” holder. I also put the umbrella under there and the can of shoe protector spray.

entryway after 1

I then went through all the shoes, got rid of what doesn’t fit anyone, or is beyond repair, had the kids and ok even myself put our shoes away in our bedroom closets, except for the rainboots which since it is rainy season where we live are near the door. In the summer this will probably be sandals and flip flops.  What about the hats and gloves? Well thanks to Pinterest I found a good solution for those too!

entryway after 2

A $5 hanging shoe bag that I had around the house is now hung up and holds our hats, scarves, and gloves. I love it more then I thought I would. I also moved my purse off the kitchen counter and onto the top of the entry bench.  For now other then maybe adding a picture I like it. It seems more clean, organized and so far, everyone is keeping up with it. I added the maintenance of the area to our rotating chore list. It has stayed this way going on 2 weeks now, and I hope it continues. It feels so much nicer.

I challenge you to organize your entryway and post in the comments, or on my facebook page. I love to see other’s solutions!

Happy Organizing!


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