Ok so I made up that word and spelling, and being that I am big on spelling correctly you have no idea how hard that was for me to type the word that way. Lol I wanted it to be catchy though. I came up with the term because Mom’s are, well, busy. It seems like we need a system for everything and our families tend to expect us to have what they need exactly when they need it, we have a lot we have to accomplish so to keep everything organized and in check I found having a grab and go bag or basket is a good option. I have “Bizzy Mom Bags” for just about everything from work to library and in everything in between! You can find bags anywhere, but I have just a small addiction to Thirty One bags. I love them and I love their patterns, colors, and different sizes !Here is just a few of my Bizzy Mom Bags!

First is this one I use for the library. I love the color and the fact that is a good size to limit the amount of library books that we can fit in it. I won’t lie, I have probably spent more money in library fines for late or lost books then if I had just purchased them myself. This bag is the perfect size and sits by the front door so that I can remember to grab it on the way out the door. book bag

Another Bizzy Mom Bag I have is my workbag for Javita! When it is time for me to do a java party in person ( I also do them online through facebook and google hangouts) I simply grab this bag which appropriately is a coffee color. It holds my member forms, customer forms, extra boxes of coffee & tea, and it also holds my laptop. In the front pockets I carry my clicker for my powerpoint presentations, my computer mouse, extra business cards and brochures, and on the side pockets I carry my power chord for the laptop, and hdmi chord for connecting my laptop to a tv at my presentations so everyone can see it. I literally carry this bag and my banner stand in a long slim carry case out the door to a java party and that is it. No dollies or other stuff needed! I love it!

coffee bag

This last one is my favorite because it is hot pink and pink is my favorite color! (I know I am such a girl!) I use this one as my daily Bizzy Mom Bag! In it I carry my work binder, anything that needs to be mailed out goes in here, I keep my latest notebook, tape, scissors (you wouldn’t believe how many times those have come in handy), wipes, sunscreen & lotion, a water bottle, a stick of healthy coffee/tea for a natural energy boost, and a healthy snack , usually a protein bar, or some nuts, crackers etc.daily mom bag

So those are a few of my bizzy mom bags. There is a ton of ideas for them. Here are just a couple:
Bizzy Mom bag categories:
Library, Work, Daily, Summer, Grocery, scrapbooking, knitting or crocheting, crafts, Boo Boo bag, activity bag for car and a ton of other uses.
Happy Organizing!

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