The Cold bug has hit here already and it is only October.  Despite my many attempts to keep the germs away those little buggers always find a way in.  It started with my daughter, then my older son, now it is with both myself and my youngest son.  Hubby is threatening to stay in a hotel as he has no sick time yet at his new job.  Being that he is the biggest baby out of all my kids I told him I would book the room for him.  Of course I kid, but still I realized after running up and down the stairs to bring one or two of my kiddos more kleenex, water, chicken broth etc. that I was tired. After all Momma’s don’t get to lay in bed sick.  So the other night in my Nyquil fog I decided it would be a great idea to get in Pinterest.  Oh how I heart Pinterest.  I searched for anything relating to colds in hopes of seeing some new miracle tip for curing them faster or at least relieving symptoms faster.  Pinterest never fails to inspire me. as long as I don’t compare myself to it and only get on when I am searching for something we are good. While I did not find any new symptom relievers, I did find a really cute idea which come to think of it I have seen before and meant to do but didn’t. Well I finally did it and am pretty happy that it didn’t turn out in the hilarious “pinterest fail” category.  Whoever came up with this idea first is a genius and probably an equally tired Momma like me.  It is a cold & flu caddy. :)  I looked at all sorts of cute ones and saw different things in them and then put one together for our family, it will save me a trip up the stairs and keep my kiddos in bed and resting.  I needed some more meds anyway so I went to the store and picked out the caddy which lucky me was on sale for $2!! , then I got the rest of the stuff.  Here is what I put together:

unnamed (2)

In ours I included cold syrup, throat lozenges, the thermometer, a box of tissues, essential oils and a kindle fire for watching a movie, or reading a book in between naps.  Don’t you just love the camo insulated cup? That would be because this one I took upstairs to my youngest who is all about anything camo.  In the insultated cup will either be ice water or homemade chicken soup. There is also usually menthol rub in there as well, though I am out currently and exploring making my own with essential oils but that is a post for another day.

unnamed (1)

So I ask you…if you have a cold/flu caddy what is in yours? I love to hear different ideas. I hope this helps!

Happy Organizing!


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