Family Command Center

I am pretty sure you have already heard of it. The Family Command Center is not a new concept, but one I love. If you either google it or type in the phrase “family command center” into your Pinterest search bar you will see literally hundreds of ideas. As an organizer myself I have been putting these into homes for a long time. A family command center by definition is a place to keep and corral all important information in one central place for the family to access it and know who needs to be where, where to put permission slips & teacher notes to be signed, where to find keys, etc. There is literally tons of different ways to put together a center like this and it is different for every family based on their needs. Here is a peek into mine. Right now it is pretty basic but I have some ideas to add a little flair later. I really wanted to keep it simple and not over clutter it or make the system too complex.
Here is my big family calendar. I love this calendar, I also live by my google calendar but because my family doesn’t always remember to check it this is big and visual and in an area everyone can see it! I chose the kitchen because we had this awesome big blank wall just begging for a command center. Once a week I make it a point to pull up my google calendar and transfer all the info onto this big wall calendar. I try and update it as the week goes if there is something that comes up out of the blue, but usually I have our weeks well planned out. wall calendar

Next is the bulletin board. This contains the kid’s daily routines as well as our “rules and consequences” chart. This is very helpful as if a rule is broken we can simply point to the chart which we have already gone over with the kid’s. usually once a week or so we remind them, especially since they are in their early teens. The routines are very helpful to them, we are homeschooler’s and they do get done with their schoolwork pretty early, and this is a good reminder to them that there is other responsibilities such as chores etc. Yes that sign up there does say “I value your opinion as logn as you Don’t offer it” gotta love Hobby Lobby and a husband with a sense of humor. That was supposed to be his for his garage and one day I walked into the kitchen to find it posted there. lolcork board

Here is a look at the overall command center. There is a couple things in here that I did not take just a single picture of. One is the bill/key holder. I absolutely love this thing. Hubby and I bought it when we were first married and it has come with us to every house we have lived in and we have always filed our bills in this until it is time to pay them. It is also holds our keys, and usually a fly swatter or two. The other thing in this picture I did not do a closeup of is the collage. This is my vision board which covers my family and work goals. I love having it there because it is in my kitchen which I cook in a LOT so it is a nice reminder of my goals & center

So there you have it. That is my family command center. Not super dolled up but functional and I love it.
Happy Organizing!

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