As an organizer the question I am most often asked is this: “Is your house perfectly organized?” The answer? NO! It is not.

Organizing is a process and  I am always adjusting  my systems and charts etc.

I recently had a conversation with a friend, she was wondering how I handle running my organizing business as well as my coffee business, while raising and homeschooling my 3 children, and being wife and mom without stressing out and how I get it all done? The truth? Ok lean in and listen carefully…I don’t.

It was a good opportunity for me though to think and reflect on our society today especially in the social media age. I remembered something I was reading about in a devotional I am doing with
my daughter recently.  It was such a great statement and one we all should remember.

Here is what I told my friend: Don’t compare your reality to someone else’s “Highlight Reel”.  Pretty sobering isn’t it?

I love Facebook, Instagram, and especially Pinterest as much as everyone else, I go to them when I need a recommendation on a new doc, or chiropractor, or best place to get paint, how to do a cool art project etc.  however it is so easy to forget that the posts you see on there are usually someone’s best impression.  Most people are not pinning how they just got into an argument with their spouse over whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher, or how they are having to figure out whether or not it is time to place their parents in a home, or that the child with amazing talents they post about actually brought home an F in biology because they were goofing off and not paying attention, or that the dog got into the trash and left a huge mess all over. You don’t see those pics, and those “realities” of everyday life.

What we do see more often then not is their spic and span house that is perfectly organized, always clean, their kids could be models for a magazine, and their rooms could be in a pottery barn catalog. Here is a secret, that gorgeous living room pin where all the furniture matches, and has cute pillows and nary a toy in site, actually has either a bunch of toys and dirty socks and shoes the kids left out behind the beautiful couch in the pic, or the items are in their “Monica closet”. Anyone who has watched friends knows what I am talking about. Monica Gellar who was famous for having a perfectly clean organized home gets exposed in an episode when Chandler sees her locked closet to reveal all the junk she has crammed in there. :)   As for my house I have areas that are organized and look great, then I have other areas where even as an organizer I have to constantly tweak systems and scrap others and even come up with new ones until I find what works for our home and family.reality

I have some systems that I might implement in a clients home and it will work for me but not for the client and a week later I go back and re-tool it for them.  I told my friend that while I have had my coffee business going well lately, and homeschooling has done well, that my organizing business is a little slow right now though growing,  my blog has to be re-launched AGAIN because I let it sag while I built up other areas of my life such as my coffee business, and because I have worked so much on everything else, my family wasn’t getting as much time with me as they needed; so, I had to stop and re-prioritze.

Am I complaining about my life? No, I have a wonderful husband who is very patient with his entrepreneurial minded wife who is always coming up with a new idea, he is my rock. I have 3 amazing kids who make me smile and laugh every day, and good family and friends. That does not mean I don’t have a “reality reel” to go along with the “highlight reel” most people see on my Pinterest page or Facebook, and I generally love to post positive uplifting posts on those sites.  Most organizers I know are the same way.organized cabinetThis is a cabinet in my house I have re-organized several times and what it kept ending up looking like.cabinet organizingThis is what it would look like on my “highlight reel”

So there you have it, the truth about Professional Organizers. We love what we do, we love coming up with systems and we love creating peace and order out of chaos, but that doesn’t mean our homes are perfect. :)


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