I am slowly but surely learning that to be the best Professional Organizer/WAHM I can be, that I need to let go and hire out some of the things I do around the house as a wife, mom, and business owner. This is something that did not come to me easily, I always thought I couldnt’ afford to do that or that I would spend too much. I did not realize that in the long run it is saving me money. One of the first things I went ahead and hired out was someone to re-design my website/blog. I have had a blog for awhile but quite honestly other then being pretty, it was more of a website for my services as a professional organizer and because I used a fabulous program to get my original website I also used one of their templates. (more on this program in an upcoming post)  It was a gorgeous site. The problem? It was a template in their service and so therefore there was quite a few other professional organizers who had the exact same website appearance as myself. In organizing that is a mixed message. Everyone’s organizing systems are going to be different and while one system works great for one person, it might be terrible for someone else. Organizing is a process not a quick fix and is unique to everyone and their situation. One of the things I work hard at and pride myself on is creating systems for my clients unique to them. Therefore a “cookie cutter” website just wasn’t going to work.  While I love being creative, and love creating new systems and yes making them pretty, I am just not super technical. I tried on my own for a bit to redesign my website utilizing all sorts of  “how to” articles and even videos and I wound up frustrated and annoyed.  I didn’t think I could afford to hire a designer as all I had heard of were super expensive designers etc. However I did discover in my searching that there ARE good reasons to hire a blog/web designer.  Here is a few of them:


  • Money~ I know that sounds weird doesn’t it? I actually saved money. I discovered quickly that the time it would have taken me to do what she did would have cost me more money because of the clients I would have had to miss while re-designing my site.  Not to mention the knowledge I learned from her as she walked me through what she did.


  • Teaching & learning~ I love to learn, and one thing I have learned in any business is to always be coachable. When looking to hire a blog designer find one that is willing to teach you how to manage your site when they are unavailable. (yep I did interview someone who said they would never tell the clients how they did what they did because they thought they would take the tips and run and never use them)
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  • Uniqueness~ This sort of goes with the professionalism one above. You really want it to be unique to you and your message. Done right the blog/website will look unique to you, professional, and really convey your message that you want to get out there. Not only that making it unique, and adding int he right words will help with search engine optimization otherwise known as “SEO”. This I learned is just as important as having an amazingly designed site. After all it could be an incredibly beautiful site, with awesome content, but if it is not showing up in the search engines then no one is seeing it or reading it which makes it pointless.


  • Time~ This is probably the most important, at least for me.  What would have taken me months even a year or so to figure out and design the way I wanted it..actually took my designer a few days.  She listened to what I wanted, asked me questions, and was able to put together a blog that is unique to me, taught me a few things to maintain it when she is unavailable, and was super patient with me…like when I tried to do something to it in the dashboard and completely crashed the site!  Another reason to hire a designer.

So who is this amazing person I hired to design my site? Glad youa sked! Her name is Nora and she owns Red Rocket Desgin and Print. She did a fabulous job and took the time to ask me questions, listen to what I wanted, and when I decided to change up something she made the changes no problem. She taught me a few things I wouldn’t have otherwise known and again I saved a lot of time and money using her services. She also does brochures, and business cards!  Of course you can use anyone you want but I definitely had to give her a shout out because without her help I would still be using the cookie cutter design.

No matter what you have to find what works for you, and I am telling you it is ok to hire out some of the work you do. Working Mom’s are busy and have so much expected of them. Letting go is hard but necessary for our sanity. For me it came down to the most important thing in my life and that is my family, if I try and do everything myself then I rob them of  my time and attention to them. To me time with my family is priceless.

*Interestingly enough when I started writing this post and a few others coming later this week,  I discovered I was having a tough time uploading pics for my blog, I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out so it was my amazing designer to the rescue and she got it worked out. :) *

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